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Two of the lamb crop 2001, Ireland


Some of the lambs produced, twins Nip (R) and Tuck (L).  Part of our Suffolk Cross flock.

Nip was a premature lamb proving that twins can be conceived on different heat cycles, possibly by different rams as well.  16 days early but with heat lamp, colostrum and Lamlac she did well.

Aerial view of the farm, Ireland

An aerial view of the farm beside the River Boyle with Drumharlow Lough in the distance.  The rebuilt farmhouse is towards the lower right and the new house is hiding among the trees in the centre.

The Farmhouse, Ireland

The old farmhouse converted from an unliveable house into a comfortable three bedroom property.

Four bedroom, 2000 sq ft cottage built 2000/1

A new 2000 sq ft four bedroom cottage built for the family, complete with underfloor heating powered by a Rayburn, supplemented by a Morso stove.

Silver Broom being surveyed.
Silver Broom, a Broom 35

Offshore Broom

Silver Broom,  built by Broom Boats in Brundall, Norfolk. 

The family sailed her from England, River Thames to Ireland, Co Roscommon.

Chemical tanker with stainless steel tanks

M.V. Okiti, chemical tanker with stainless steel tanks for the carriage of acids and other special cargoes.  Sailed in Northern European and Mediterranean waters.



Oil product tanker

M.V. Unicorn Derek, tanker with coated tanks for the carriage of vegetable oils, oil products, and many other interesting liquids.  Sailed in Northern European, and Mediterranean waters, the Caribbean and South America.

ex Edith Terkol. 1966-1991


© peter j. fitzpatrick

Stainless steel chemical tanker

M.V. Unicorn Ladd, chemical tanker with stainless steel tanks for the carriage of acids, chemicals, veg. oils, kaurit glue and oil products.  Sailed in Northern European and Mediterranean waters.

ex Lizzie Terkol. 1965-1991


© Frits Olinga

Semi-submersible drilling rig Sedco 707

Semi-Submersible Drilling Rig, Sedco 707, Southeastern Drilling Company.

Drilled in the North Sea and Newfoundland, wells up to 18500 ft in up to 800ft of water, later increased to 25,000ft in 6500ft of water.



Petroleum product tanker

M.V. British Security, BP Tankers. Oil product tanker carrying mainly gasoil, motor spirit and kerosene, with a small derrick and hatch for lubricating oil in drums.  Sailed in the Middle East, Australasia, Africa (East, South and West) and European waters.


© Brent

Refrigerated cargo ship operated by Crusader Line

M.V. Amalric, Crusader Line.  1960-1977.  Refrigerated cargo ship or ‘reefer’.

Carrying New Zealand lamb, mutton, beef, cheese and butter to Japan and the Far East, and to the West Indies, USA and South America.  Returning with general cargo and manufactured goods such as car parts.



© Chris Howell

Refrigerated passenger/cargo ship

S.S. Ceramic, Shaw Savill & Albion Line.  1948-1972. A passenger/cargo ship carrying 90 First Class passengers and refrigerated cargo from New Zealand to UK, with general cargo outward bound to New Zealand.  Each way the four ships, Gothic, Ceramic, Athenic and Corinthic stopped at Pitcairn Island with mail and stores.


© Chris Howell

Refrigerated cargo ship for the carriage of lamb, mutton, beef, butter, cheese, apples and wool from New Zealand and Australia

M.V. Megantic, Shaw Savill & Albion Line. 1962-1979.  A refrigerated cargo ship for the carriage of lamb, mutton, beef, cheese and apples from Australia and New Zealand to the UK, sometimes with wool as a deck cargo.  Outward bound carrying general cargo, CKD cars, and steel, picking up oranges, soya beans and other parcels of cargo on the way.


© Chris Howell