2009 Netherlands & Germany

Zaanse Schans windmill, Netherlands


No voyage starting from Holland would be complete without a picture of a windmill. One of the mills on the Zaan.

Left Zaandam for Duurstede via the Amsterdam Rhine canal

Arrived in Germany via the Rhine at Emmerich and then Duisberg, Dusseldorf and Mondorf.  There was so little water in the Rhine that barges were sailing only half loaded.  We ran aground entering a yacht harbour on the left bank in Dusseldorf, filled the raw water filter with mud and limped across the river to the Kanu Club, highly recommended for visitors.

Please do not believe all the plentiful stories about how difficult the Rhine is, due to the bad mannered barges. Their navigation is faultless (or nearly!). For Cimarron a rear view mirror was an essential retrofit.  The barges come up very fast even though we were at full speed and you need a neck like an owl to see them coming.

Joined the Mosel at Koblenz to Winningen, Senheim, Traben-Tarbach, Trittenheim to Trier. The Mosel is a fabulous scenic treat and local wine adds to the pleasure, with Bitburger for a pleasant change.

After sightseeing around Trier back down the Mosel and Rhine the same way we came.


The statue of Kaiser Wilhelm I at the junction of the Rhine and Mosel, in Koblenz.

Kaiser Wilhelm statue in Koblenz, Germany
Schloss on the Mosel, Germany

A vineyard on a hillside, a castle and a village all make the Mosel scenic.

Zaandam, Duurstede, Emmerich, Duisburg, Dusseldorf, Mondorf, Winningen, Senheim, Traben-Tarbach, Trittenheim, Trier Kreusch. Traben-Tarbach, Winningen, Dusseldorf, Wageningen, Amsterdam Sixhaven, Zaandam.

Voyage 2009
Cimarron in Dukra, Zaandam, Netherlands

Cimarron berthed in Dukra, Zaandam.  Zaandam is famous for Tsar Peter’s house where he lived while learning shipbuilding.