2020 France, Belgium and Netherlands

We watched the spread of Coronavirus from China, to Italy and then to Spain before infecting the rest of Europe.

From 14th March Estepona was locked down, like other countries a major difficulty was preventing people from Madrid going to their second homes in Andalusia, later to happen in France, Britain and other countries!


The Spanish Legion arrived to help the Guardia Civil, Policia Municipal keep us in order during the lockdown.

The Spanish Legion, modelled on the French Foreign Legion was formed to fight in Africa and later on the Nationalist side in the Civil War under Franco.

More recently they have served in the Balkans, Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon.

Because of the lockdown and uncertainty of it lifting, Art Gaucin where Vivienne exhibits, at the end of May was cancelled.

Because I was diagnosed with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis just before the lockdown Vivienne ended up walking Molly the dog every day while I played Groundhog Day with occasional cooking and washing up.

Carrefour saved our bacon as they delivered shopping, getting better as the weeks passed by.

The Sargeants, crew of Plover berthed in Cambrai very kindly watched over Cimarron for us as at the time of writing we have no idea when we can move again.

A postscript to the coronavirus story has just emerged.  The Red Cross and CDC in America have just analysed 36 samples of blood donations in California, donated between 13th and 16th December 2019!  Certainly, anecdotaly people were reporting what sounded like mild symptoms during December in Spain and Italy.